ConeX Club

Earnings that you stunned in your franchise tourism!

A new entreperneurship way!

ConeX Trip

The franchisee receive the license for sale and consumption, for commercialization with your name


ConeX Business

System to encourage its network, leveraging your contacts, recruit people, expanding your network and your marketing with automatic recruiter, custom page and more!

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ConeX Benz Club

System where you can advertise and sell products and get paid for it. With an interactive platform, you will have one more way to increase your earnings.

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Diamond club

ConeX Shop

Members who are Diamond or above gain access to exclusive social network of ConeXClub, where they can add photos, videos and tell their success story in the company.

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To have access to the business plan of the company ConeXClub you need to access your back office and enter the downloads section.

Payments method

The company Conex Club uses as means of payment the best solutions of the current financial market. Available via payments, credit cards (international), billet and wire transfer.

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