The company

The Benefit Club of ConeXClub came to bring economy, profits and business opportunity for everyone.

For people seeking the best price on vacation trips, recreation or business, and for companies seeking economies ,and quality of services in the tourism sector. In our company, people consuming save a lot, indicating other people, their profit, is an alternative to extra income for all people.

Our Mission

The best cost benefit and warranty of a good business.

Club of Opportunities

National and International

You will meet incredible places, your dreamed dream trip, everything paid for by the company, for you and an escort for incredible moments.

Carrer Plan

Your performance and focus are rewarded, every level reached, with awards millionaire you will come to the club of Diamonds.

How to Success

You will participate in Courses and Coaching Training to renew the international market for loyalty and growth of its network.

International Company

ConeXClub business plan is recognized by people with experience and high performance in the segments of this business.

Our Partners

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To have access to the business plan of the company ConeXClub you need to access your back office and enter the downloads section.

Payments method

The company Conex Club uses as means of payment the best solutions of the current financial market. Available via payments, credit cards (international), billet and wire transfer.

Methods of payment


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